About Me

Hello, I’m Colin Triplow, and I’ve been coaching and teaching tennis for more than 20 years. During that time I’ve gained qualifications from Australia, France, the United States, and Spain as well as the UK in order to ensure I’m able to pass on the best from the major tennis forces in the world to my customers.

If you want to improve your game, whatever your age, standard, or ability, or you just want to try tennis, I can help you.

Tennis is a great game, and, like most sports, you enjoy it more when you’re more proficient at it. Over the years I’ve helped players of all ages and all standards – from some who’d never hit a ball before, to those who’ve gone on to play at county level – to have fun and get the best out of their game. Whatever you’re looking to get from the game, I can help you achieve it. Give me a ring on 01474 873160 or 07925 777490, or e-mail me at colin@colinthecoach.com