Ball Machine Hire

From time to time I use a ball machine in my lessons, and, if you want to work intensely on a specific stroke there’s nothing like working with a ball machine – the opponent that never misses! You can hire my Tennis Tutor Plus ball machine, (as used at the ATP Training Centre in the States) to give you a concentrated workout. This machine has variable ball speeds up to 85mph, and as well as being able to vary the speed you can vary the time between shots, set the trajectory of the ball, set the machine for flat, topspin and slice shots, and also set it to oscillate between forehand and backhand. Cost of machine hire is £25.00 per hour, or £15.00 for 30 minutes.

If you’re learning a new stroke or want to strengthen or perfect an existing one, a session with my ball machine will give you an intense workout that will enable you to hone your skills.