Dynamic Doubles

Dynamic Doubles:Do you want to play Doubles like Wimbledon Champions Wesley Koornhof & Neil Skupski, US Open Champions Rajeev Ram & Joe Salisbury, and other great teams? If you do, you need my Dynamic Doubles course – a course specifically designed to make you a better doubles player.

Dynamic Doubles – A comprehensive specialised 8 hour course covering every aspect of doubles. You’ll learn the strategies and tactics that make the best teams great – the roles of the server, server’s partner, receiver, and receiver’s partner, how and when to intercept and fake, how to return serve to best effect, and much, much more – everything, in fact, to raise your doubles to a level you wouldn’t have thought possible. Comprehensive illustrated handouts are provided to reinforce what you learn.

You choose how the course is delivered – a full one day course, 2 x 4 hour sessions, or 4 x 2 hour sessions. Available for 4 to 16 participants. Course cost is £450 regardless of how many take part. Contact me for more details – colin@colinthecoach.com or 07925 777490.

Here’s what a few of the people who have taken part in Dynamic Doubles have to say about the course. Some have been kind enough to allow me to show their e-mail address in case you want to contact them about the course and their experience of it.

“Absolutely the best course I’ve ever been on. The level of my doubles play has gone up incredibly, and I feel like I’m the dominant player on court.” Bob, (bobrobob@hotmail.co.uk), Sutton.

“I was a bit sceptical when the club arranged this course. I’ve been on doubles courses before and basically all they did was show you where to stand and tell you to practice your volley, but this one shows and teaches you how to win doubles matches.” Steve, (brandonsteve77@gmail.com), Bexleyheath.

“A superb course that has improved my game way beyond expectation. Actually seeing the things Colin says working as you practice them on the course is a fantastic feeling.” Paul, Maidstone.

“My club’s top pair didn’t sign up for this course, (I think they thought it was too basic for them). Now that my partner and I and another pair are beating them they’re realising what they missed out on.” Chris, (ace-one1@hotmail.co.uk) Guildford

“It’s changed my view of doubles completely. I was always a singles man who played doubles because team matches are doubles matches. Now I love the game, and relish taking down better singles players because I know more about doubles than they do.” John, Chelmsford.

“This is the best value for money coaching I’ve ever had. Players of all levels can improve their game dramatically by doing what Colin demonstrates and gets us doing.” Joe, (smithson5@hotmail.co.uk), Fawkham.

“All the teams benefitted from Dynamic Doubles. It’s improved their standards significantly, and without question was a significant factor in them producing such great results.” Peter, Ilford.

“I didn’t really know how to play doubles before, but I’m a doubles specialist now!” Jean, Grays.